Consulting in Gems and Jewellery

Gemstones & Jewellery: a smart investment

Humans since millennia have been adorning themselves with gemstones and pearls, for beauty and social prestige. 

But their value is not only based on their name or beauty, it also depends on supply from mines and market trends. 

The rarity of prestigious and exquisite gemstones and pearls makes these interesting investments. 

We can help you analyse these trends in order to adopt the best gemstone investment strategies.

Jewellery Fair


12. February - 15. February 2016

Hong Kong

1. March - 7. March 2016


17. March - 24. March 2016

Hong Kong

13. September - 19. September 2016

Gemstone investment advice

GemExpert gives advisory service regarding jewellery and gems helping you to find precious stone at correct prices and at appropriate selling condition.

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Technical consulting

GemExpert helps with selecting appropriate instrumental equipment for gemmological laboratories.

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Gemmological expertise

Clients can book support of gemmological service for evaluating rough and cut gemstones.


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